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Tel: 479-788-4600 (Call Center)
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This option is available thru your Online Banking Service.

     7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Mon-Fri
     9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Sat

1-866-546-8273 (After Hours)

Mobile Banking        

On-the-go banking from your phone, a necessity in today’s world!

Now it’s time to “put your money where your mobile is.” MobileAccess, a browser-based mobile application, can be accessed from any cell phone or mobile device that is equipped with Internet browser - no download required. It’s easy, fast and convenient - just go to 'https://mobile.fnbfs.com' on your mobile phone’s web browser.

Mobile Banking is just another added benefit to having Online Banking.

With Mobile Banking, here's what you can do:

1.  Access your checking, savings, and other select accounts.
2.  Transfer funds between select accounts at First National Bank of Fort Smith.
3.  Pay your First National Bank of Fort Smith mortgage and/or consumer loan.
4.  Receive up-to-date weather forecasts and stock quotes.

Not Enrolled in Online Banking? Click Here.

Mobile Banking Troubleshooting Steps

If you receive Incorrect Login Information error when attempting to access your Mobile Banking Service, try logging in to your Online Banking service via Computer Internet Access to verify you are using the correct Online Banking ID and Password.

If you receive “File Format Unknown” or “Page cannot be displayed” when visiting mobile banking , more than likely your mobile banking web browser will not allow you access to mobile banking site, try Oper Mini Browser. Go to www.opera.com to download.

If Mobile Banking is not displaying properly, contact Customer Service at 479-788-4600.

If you receive a Server Error, contact Customer Service at 479-788-4600 with the exact error message.

Thank you for using Mobile Banking!

Android App Troubleshooting Tips

Confirm that your phone is able to connect to the internet.

  1. Change Settings to “Allow Cookies” and “Enable/Allow Java Scripting”.
  2. Ensure Data Save is turned OFF (under Battery and Data Manager setting)
  3. Ensure Data Delivery is allowed (under Battery and Data Manager setting)

Try accessing your account through Mobile Banking links, https://mobile.fnbfs.com or https://mobile.fnbrogers.com, on your Android device.


  1. The Android App requires Android OS Version 2.2 Level 8 and newer.
  2. The Android App requires SDK Version 4 and newer.
  3. Is AntiVirus installed that may permit the App from gaining access
    to the internet?
  4. Is a Firewall installed? (I.E. DroidWall) Programs of this nature
    are good for security reasons but may need their settings adjusted to allow our App access to the internet without restrictions. The Data Transfer can be blocked and therefore cause unexpected results.
  5. Do you have a “Permissions App”? (I.E. Permissions Denied, Permission
    Monitor, ETC) the Android App will need to have the following permissions:
    Connectivity, GPS Locator, Full Internet Access, Read and Write Data.

If you need further assistance, contact our Call Center at 479-788-4600


iPhone App Troubleshooting Tips

1). Confirm that your phone is able to connect to the internet. Can you view websites in Safari?
2). Make sure “Accept Cookies” and “JavaScript” settings show ‘ON’. (Settings>>Safari)
3). The version of iPhone Operating System must be 5.0 or above. (Settings>>General>>Version)
4). If Online Banking is currently having intermittent slowness or Server issues, the App will not be available for use.
5). Can you access your account through our mobile banking links, https://mobile.fnbfs.com or https://mobile.fnbrogers.com?

If you need further assistance, contact our Call Center at 479-788-4600.

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